On 12/14/16 11:33 AM, Andrew Borodin wrote:
> 2016-12-14 20:45 GMT+05:00 Peter Eisentraut 
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>> On 12/11/16 5:38 AM, Andrew Borodin wrote:
>>> 2. From my point of view the interface of the feature is the strong
>>> point here (compared to pg_background). But it does not help
>>> programmer to follow good practice: bgworker is a valuable and limited
>>> resource, may be we could start session with something like
>>> TryBeginSession()?
>> What exactly would that do?
> Return status (success\failure) and session object, if a function succeeded.
> If there is max_connections exceeded, then (false,null).
> I'm not sure whether this idiom is common for Python.

You can catch PostgreSQL exceptions in PL/Python, so this can be handled
in user code.

Some better connection management or pooling can probably be built on
top of the primitives later, I'd say.

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