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> On 11/8/16 12:45 PM, Magnus Hagander wrote:
> > Per some discussions with a number of different people at pgconfeu, here
> > is a patch that changes the default mode of pg_basebackup to be
> > streaming the wal, as this is what most users would want -- and those
> > that don't want it have to make other changes as well. Doing the "most
> > safe" thing by default is a good idea.
> >
> > The new option "-x none" is provided to turn this off and get the
> > previous behavior back.
> I would have expected that the "stream" method would become the default.
>  Just a short while ago it was proposed to remove the "fetch" method
> altogether, and it was only kept because of some niche use cases.  I
> don't think "fetch" is the most safe method, because it requires
> wal_keep_segments to be configured.
Eh. Yes. That's exactly what this patch does, is it not?

I'd say the main reason fetch was kept around was to support tar file mode,
which previously did not support streaming. I don't really see any other
usecase where it was better than stream.

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