On 11/8/16 12:45 PM, Magnus Hagander wrote:
> Per some discussions with a number of different people at pgconfeu, here
> is a patch that changes the default mode of pg_basebackup to be
> streaming the wal, as this is what most users would want -- and those
> that don't want it have to make other changes as well. Doing the "most
> safe" thing by default is a good idea.
> The new option "-x none" is provided to turn this off and get the
> previous behavior back.

I would have expected that the "stream" method would become the default.
 Just a short while ago it was proposed to remove the "fetch" method
altogether, and it was only kept because of some niche use cases.  I
don't think "fetch" is the most safe method, because it requires
wal_keep_segments to be configured.

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