>>  I think it should be the responsibility of
>> WaitEventSetWaitBlock() to reset the event, if needed, before calling
>> WaitForMultipleObjects().
> If we want to change WaitEventSetWaitBlock then ideally we need to
> change all other wait API's (WAIT_USE_SELECT,  WAIT_USE_POLL, etc.) as
> well.  I don't see the need for it, can't we do it in
> WaitEventSetWait() after processing all the returned events.  It can
> be done by enumerating all wait events and reset the events for which
> reset flag is true.  If we see code prior to 9.6, this event (socket
> event) has been reset only after processing all returned events, not
> after every event.

I think we are trying the complicate the things, I would look into the
fix like this, Let us assume that WaitForMultipleObjects() says an
event occured on a LATCH then we would save the occured event and
reset the LATCH immediately inside WaitEventSetWaitBlock() similarly
if event occurs on SOCKET we should save the occured events and reset
it. Now, the only concern here is why can't we reset event on SOCKET
using ResetEvent() API instead of introducing a new variable. I think
that is just because we are trying to avoid the events for SOCKET from
being re-created again and again. So, for me i think Amit's fix is
absolutely fine and is restricted to Windows. Please do correct me if
my point is wrong. Thank you.

With Regards,
Ashutosh Sharma

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