On 2016-12-16 13:49, Petr Jelinek wrote:

version 13 of the patch.

0001-Add-PUBLICATION-catalogs-and-DDL-v13.patch.gz (~32 KB)
0002-Add-SUBSCRIPTION-catalog-and-DDL-v13.patch.gz (~28 KB)
0003-Define-logical-rep...utput-plugi-v13.patch.gz (~13 KB)
0004-Add-logical-replication-workers-v13.patch.gz (~44 KB)
0005-Add-separate-synch...or-logical--v13.patch.gz (~2 KB)


You wrote on 2016-08-05: :

What's missing:
 - sequences, I'd like to have them in 10.0 but I don't have good
   way to implement it. PGLogical uses periodical syncing with some
   buffer value but that's suboptimal. I would like to decode them
   but that has proven to be complicated due to their sometimes
   transactional sometimes nontransactional nature, so I probably
   won't have time to do it within 10.0 by myself.

I ran into problems with sequences and I wonder if sequences-problems
are still expected, as the above seems to imply.

(short story: I tried to run pgbench across logical replication; and therefore
added a sequence to pgbench_history to give it a replica identity, and
cannot get it to work reliably ).


Eik Rijkers

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