On 20/12/16 10:41, Erik Rijkers wrote:
> On 2016-12-20 09:43, Petr Jelinek wrote:
>> Thanks, this was very useful. We had wrong attribute index arithmetics
>> in the place where we verify that replica identities match well enough.
> Well, I spent a lot of time on the whole thing so I am glad it's not just
> something stupid I did :)

Yeah sadly it was something stupid I did ;)

>> BTW that script you have for testing has 2 minor flaws in terms of
>> pgbench_history - the order by is not unique enough (adding mtime or
>> something helps)
> yes, in another version I did
> I suppose that's the best way (adding mtime doesn't work; apparently mtime
> gets repeated too).  (I have now added that alter table-statement  again.)
>> and second, the pgbench actually truncates the
>> pgbench_history unless -n is added to command line.
> ok, -n  added.
>> So attached is v15, which fixes this and the
>> ERROR:  unexpected command tag "PUBLICATION
>> as reported by Steve Singer (plus tab completion fixes and doc fixes).
> Great. It seems to fix the problem: I just an an unprecidented
> 5-minute run with correct replication.

Great, thanks.

> The first compile gave the attached diffs in the publication regression
> test; subsequent
> compiles went OK (2x). If I have time later today I'll try to reproduce
> that one FAILED test
> but maybe you can see  immediately what's wrong there .

Seems like tables are just returned in different order but otherwise
it's ok. I guess a way to make this more stable would be to add order by
in the query psql sends to get the list of tables in the publication.

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