* Heikki Linnakangas (hlinn...@iki.fi) wrote:
> Even if you have a separate "verifier type" column, it's not fully
> normalized, because there's still a dependency between the verifier
> and verifier type columns. You will always need to look at the
> verifier type to make sense of the verifier itself.

That's true- but you don't need to look at the verifier, or even have
*access* to the verifier, to look at the verifier type.  That is
actually very useful when you start thinking about the downstream side
of this- what about the monitoring tool which will want to check and
make sure there are only certain verifier types being used?  It'll have
to be a superuser, or have access to some superuser security defined
function, and that really sucks.  I'm not saying that we would
necessairly want the verifier type to be publicly visible, but being
able to see it without being a superuser would be good, imv.

> It's more convenient to carry the type information with the verifier
> itself, in backend code, in pg_dump, etc. Sure, you could have a
> separate "transfer" text format that has the prefix, and strip it
> out when the datum enters the system. But it is even simpler to have
> only one format, with the prefix, and use that everywhere.

It's more convenient when you need to look at both- it's not more
convenient when you only wish to look at the verifier type.  Further, it
means that we have to have a construct that assumes things about the
verifier type and verifier- what if a verifier type came along that used
a colon?  We'd have to do some special magic to handle that correctly,
and that just sucks, and anyone who is writing code to generically deal
with these fields will end up writing that same code (or forgetting to,
and not handling the case correctly).

> It might make sense to add a separate column, to e.g. make it easier
> to e.g. query for users that have an MD5 verifier. You could do
> "WHERE rolverifiertype = 'md5'", instead of "WHERE rolpassword LIKE
> 'md5%'". It's not a big difference, though. But even if we did that,
> I would still love to have the type information *also* included with
> the verifier itself, for convenience. And if we include it in the
> verifier itself, adding a separate type column seems more trouble
> than it's worth.

I don't agree that it's "not a big difference."  As I argue above- your
approach also assumes that anyone who would like to investigate the
verifier type should have access to the verifier itself, which I do not
agree with.  I also have a hard time buying the argument that it's
really so much more convenient to have the verifier type included in the
same string as the verifier that we should duplicate that information
and then run the risk that we end up with the two not matching or that
we won't ever run into complications down the road when our chosen
separator causes us difficulties.



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