Actually, "wait_start" is a better name to match the others
("wait_event_type" and "wait_event").

On Sat, Dec 24, 2016 at 8:20 AM, Joel Jacobson <> wrote:
> Hi hackers,
> We already have xact_start, query_start and backend_start
> to get the timestamptz for when different things happened.
> I would like to propose adding a fourth such column, "waiting_start",
> which would tell how long time a backend has been waiting.
> The column would be NULL when waiting=FALSE.
> While it's trivial to write a script that just polls pg_stat_activity
> every second and keeps tack of when a backend started
> waiting by just checking for any new waiting=TRUE rows,
> it would be more convenient to just get the information from
> pg_stat_activity directly.
> The use-case would be e.g. monitoring tools
> when you want to know how long time queries are waiting.
> --
> Joel Jacobson

Joel Jacobson

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