On 25 Dec. 2016 14:49, "Tom Lane" <t...@sss.pgh.pa.us> wrote:

No.  This has been looked into repeatedly in the past, and we simply
don't want to deal with it.  Quite aside from the impact on the server
(which would be extensive), it would break every nontrivial application,
and force them all to try to deal with each possible folding behavior.
The more behaviors there are, the worse that gets.

Good point. That's been a source of pain for standard_conforming_strings
and bytea_output. Many apps are also - sadly - hopelessly broken with
regards to text encoding. (Including, unfortunately, PostgreSQL it's self,
but more subtly than the obvious brain-dead behaviour of many apps).

Tom makes a good point. Apps that need to care are better off consistently
double quoting.

Frankly if we were going to add any option at all I'd want one to force all
unquoted identifiers to ERROR so apps could be easily validated not to
depend on case folding behaviour at all. But even that has issues and is
probably better done in tooling and static analysis or via a plugin.

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