Hi all,

As mentioned a couple of weeks back, I am fine to work as commit fest
manager for 2017-01.

Here is the commit fest status at the moment I am writing this email:
Needs review: 68.
Waiting on Author: 17.
Ready for Committer: 18.
Committed: 27.
Rejected: 2.
Returned with Feedback: 6.
Total: 138.
So there are many of them, though there are not that many new entries
as many patches have been moved from the last CF to this one.

There are still a couple of days to register patches! So if you don't
want your fancy feature to be forgotten, please add it in time to the
CF app. Speaking of which, I am going to have a low bandwidth soon as
that's a period of National Holidays in Japan for the new year, and I
don't think I'll be able to mark the CF as in progress AoE time. So if
somebody could do it for me that would be great :)


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