Hello Pavel,

There are two concepts - both can be implemented, and used (can be used

That is one point I would like to ascertain clearly and explicitely, so having various designs side by side, eg in the wiki page, would help if and where they interact.

The second point I am keen on discussing is how the proposed designs provide a solution to different use cases, and at what cost.

I've added sections about use cases (I have listed 3) and how they could be supported in the wiki page.

Both these concepts has some advantage and some disadvantages. It is hard to expect, so there is possible full agreement - because everybody has different preferences.


I understand so for you can be your proposal more readable, but for me,
your design of usage and security looks not well.

Yep, there are pros and cons to all proposals. I wish they are listed somewhere, and possibly discussed, because some pros/cons depends on some detailed features.

It is acceptable without PRIVATE flags and similar flags. It is not designed be secure.

Indeed. I've taken this point somehow into account and changed my proposal so that session variables are private by default, and now I'm not even sure that there should exist public session variables at all...

(MySQL has nothing similar, I don't know if MSSQL has some, but probably not). Ok. We have different priorities. For you is not usual so in one session there can be more more times switch of secure context. It is usual for me, and for applications what I write.

I have added a section in the wiki to present succintely existing stuff in other products.

Could you put your ideal (final) design proposition on the wiki page?
yes, I'll do it.



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