DROP VARIABLE super_secret;
   CREATE VARIABLE super_secret ...;

But you don't do it in functions - these variables are persistent - you
don't create it or drop inside functions. The content is secure, so you
don't need to hide this variable against other.

ISTM that you are still missing my point.

I understood that you want a static analysis tool to re-assure you about how your session variables are manipulated. I do not see how such a tool can give any assurance without checking that the variable meta-data are not changed by some malicious code inserted in a function.

I'm not sure that I understand these sentences.

so I don't prefer any design that increase a area where plpgsql_check
should not work.

My assumption is that plpgsql_check can be improved. For instance, I assume that if "secure session variables" are added, then it will be enhanced to do some checking about these and take them into account. If "simple session variables" are added, I assume that it would also be updated accordingly.

I wrote my notes there.

Great! I restructured a little bit and tried to improve the English. I
also added questions when some statement that I think are too optimistic,
or are unclear to me.

we have just different perspectives

I'm trying to have sentences that are both clear and true. If I think that a sentence is imprecise because it is missing a key hypothesis, then I try to improve it, whether it is mine or someone else.


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