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> On Wed, Dec 28, 2016 at 4:34 AM, Peter Eisentraut
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>> Here is a patch to add some information about the systemd RemoveIPC
>> issue to the documentation, sort of in the spirit of the OOM discussion
>> nearby.
> I wonder if I missed part of the discussions around this, so maybe my
> understanding of the cases where this occurs is wrong, but isn't it the case
> of pretty much all (or actually) all the packaged versions of postgresql out
> there (debian, redhat etc) that they do the right thing, as in that they
> create "postgres" as a system user?


The postgres docs do tend to ignore the reality of most actual
postgres users, though, and talk as if you installed it from source
code under your own user account. I see people bewildered by this
regularly, since we have no discussion at all of common things like
"sudo -u postgres psql" on default packaged installs. Sure, there are
many platforms, but still.

> I like the text in general, but if the above is true, then I think we should
> put a note at the beginning of it with something along the line (not using
> those words) of "if you have installed postgresql using packages, the
> packager should have taken care of this already"? So as not to scare people
> unnecessarily?

You need to have not only installed it with packages, but be running
it under the package-provided postgres user account. This is not
always the case. I see installs from packages that are then manually
initdb'd in /srv/wtf/why all the time, sadly, and often launched by
manual pg_ctl invocations under surprising user accounts.

"If you have installed postgres from distribution or
postgresql.org-provided packages and use the scripts or commands
provided by the packages to start and stop PostgreSQL, this issue is
unlikely to affect you."


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