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> On 12/30/16 3:59 AM, Magnus Hagander wrote:
> > I wonder if I missed part of the discussions around this, so maybe my
> > understanding of the cases where this occurs is wrong, but isn't it the
> > case of pretty much all (or actually) all the packaged versions of
> > postgresql out there (debian, redhat etc) that they do the right thing,
> > as in that they create "postgres" as a system user?
> If you install a package but the user already exists, then the package
> will just use that user.  So just using a package is not a guarantee
> that everything will be alright.
Good point.

I still think that some wording in the direction of the fact that the
majority of all users won't actually have this problem is the right thing
to do (regardless of our previous history in the area as pointed out by

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