I do not know what you mean by 'EXTERNAL'.

it means "used as shared in session"

Shared by whom? There is no such thing in the proposal I have made on the wiki or in mails. In the proposal variables are private to the role which creates them.

It is possible to find "some" typos, depending on the code: you can check
that a variable is both assigned and used somewhere, otherwise it is very
probably a typo. Perl does that *statically*, before executing a script.

"Before execution" .. I am speaking "without execution".

Before execution is also without execution. You can run "perl -c" to get the warning.

theoretically, if you check all possible functions, you can find some
issues - but you have to check all function on server.

Yes, sure. It seems to be the same with your proposal: if a hidden function drops and recreates a session variable with a different type, or changes its permission, then some static checks are void as well, that is life. Also, a SQL function may access and modify the variables unexpectedly, that would be missed by a PL/pgSQL analysis tool... There is no miracle.

Basically, there may be issues even if static analysis tools says that all is well.

Elsewhere you cannot to find typo in DECLARE statement.

Indeed, probably there exists some class of typos that may not be found by some static analysis implementations on PL/pgSQL functions which uses basic session variables.

By the way, are you planing to contribute to the wiki?


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