Here is resubmission of patch to implement logical decoding of two-phase 
transactions (instead of treating them
as usual transaction when commit) [1] I’ve slightly polished things and used 
test_decoding output plugin as client.

General idea quite simple here:

* Write gid along with commit/prepare records in case of 2pc
* Add several routines to decode prepare records in the same way as it already 
happens in logical decoding.

I’ve also added explicit LOCK statement in test_decoding regression suit to 
check that it doesn’t break thing. If
somebody can create scenario that will block decoding because of existing dummy 
backend lock that will be great
help. Right now all my tests passing (including TAP tests to check recovery of 
twophase tx in case of failures from 
adjacent mail thread).

If we will agree about current approach than I’m ready to add this stuff to 
proposed in-core logical replication.


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