On 12/14/2016 01:33 PM, Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
I just noticed that the manual for CREATE ROLE says:

Note that older clients might lack support for the MD5 authentication
mechanism that is needed to work with passwords that are stored

That's is incorrect. The alternative to MD5 authentication is plain
'password' authentication, and that works just fine with MD5-hashed
passwords. I think that sentence is a leftover from when we still
supported "crypt" authentication (so I actually get to blame you for
that ;-), commit 53a5026b). Back then, it was true that if an MD5 hash
was stored in pg_authid, you couldn't do "crypt" authentication. That
might have left old clients out in the cold.

Now that we're getting SCRAM authentication, we'll need a similar notice
there again, for the incompatibility of a SCRAM verifier with MDD5
authentication and vice versa.

I went ahead and removed the current bogus notice from the docs. We might need to put back something like it, with the SCRAM patch, but it needs to be rewritten anyway.

- Heikki

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