On 12/21/2016 04:09 AM, Michael Paquier wrote:
Thanks for having a look! Attached is a new version, with that bug fixed.

I have been able more advanced testing without the crash and things
seem to work properly. The attached set of tests is also able to pass
for all the combinations of hba configurations and password formats.
And looking at the code I don't have more comments.


Since not everyone agrees with this approach, I split this patch into two. The first patch refactors things, replacing the isMD5() function with get_password_type(), without changing the representation of pg_authid.rolpassword. That is hopefully uncontroversial. And the second patch adds the "plain:" prefix, which not everyone agrees on.

Barring objections I'm going to at least commit the first patch. I think we should commit the second one too, but it's not as critical, and the first patch matters more for the SCRAM patch, too.

- Heikki

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