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> Yeah, let's make the life of users just easier if we can, without any
> extension. Some people are likely going to forget to enable it anyway,
> and some more don't like installing the package dedicated to contrib
> modules.

I think I +1 on this.
I've did a github search on these function names and there is a lot of code
that use them. E.g. there is 8.5k hits for pg_last_xlog_location
a lot of them a forks and copy-pastes, but still, that's quite a lot. Let's
keep the aliases around for couple of versions after which hopefully a lot
of the code will be updated.

After I'm done with a patch I can take a look if there's a way to mass-fill
issues to affected projects on github (and maybe other hosting providers)
and ask them to migrate to new function names. This is of course will not
fix everything, but it would be a significant chunk. I suspect a lot of
private tools/scripts borrow snippets from github as well.

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