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On 1/2/17 12:30 PM, Jim Nasby wrote:
On 1/1/17 9:48 AM, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
On 12/30/16 9:57 AM, Stephen Frost wrote:
Additionally, people who are actually using these bits of the system are
almost certainly going to have to adjust things for the directory

Some *xlog* functions are commonly used to measure replay lag.  That
usage would not be affected by the directory renaming.  Renaming those
functions would only serve to annoy users and have them delay their

Perhaps we should split the difference and do what we did for XML:
provide a contrib module with alias functions using the old (xlog) names.


Since these functions are normally used by admins and not generally used
in SQL and functions, I'm not convinced the maintenance of the extension
would be worth it.  Admins are free to create whatever aliases they need
to get their work done.

AIUI several others are arguing that this name change is going to break a lot of user monitoring code. I certainly agree with Stephen that some of the *xlog* functions are used for monitoring replay lag. So I think a backwards compatibility fix is reasonable.

Why would we force users to each come up with their own solution to this when we can just provide one?

BTW, I think fears of the maintenance cost of a contrib module are pretty overblown... it's not like we change these functions that often. We have added quite a few in the last few releases, but we don't need backwards compatibility for new stuff.
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