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> One idea, which would likely be harder to implement on the server, but
> that would have less impact on third party tools and libraries, would be
> to configure case folding on a session basis. There would have to be
> some means to configure a session for the case folding your application
> wants to see. And, the general default would have to be the current
> PostgreSQL behavior so that an application that was designed for current
> behavior would never see a change.

Where you get into trouble there is that you might run CREATE
EXTENSION from that session, or call an SQL function defined in a
session with different settings (perhaps a function created by an
extension).  This is not unlike various problems we've had over the
years with search_path, which really ought to be lexically scoped but
is in fact dynamically scoped.

Again, I'm not trying to rain down fire and brimstone on your idea
here and I clearly see the utility of it.  I also think it's great
that you've engaged in the discussion in the way that you have.

Robert Haas
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