(Dagfinn Ilmari =?utf-8?Q?Manns=C3=A5ker?=) writes:
> (Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker) writes:
>> One thing I don't like about this patch is that if a user has increased
>> max_pred_locks_per_transaction, they need to set
>> max_pred_locks_per_relation to half of that to retain the current
>> behaviour, or they'll suddenly find themselves with a lot more relation
>> locks.  If it's possible to make a GUCs default value dependent on the
>> value of another, that could be a solution.  Otherwise, the page lock
>> threshold GUC could be changed to be expressed as a fraction of
>> max_pred_locks_per_transaction, to keep the current behaviour.

> Another option would be to have a special sentinel (e.g. -1) which is
> the default, and keeps the current behaviour.

FWIW, interdependent GUC defaults are generally unworkable.
See commit a16d421ca and the sorry history that led up to it.
I think you could make it work as a fraction, though.

                        regards, tom lane

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