>> Thank you for your work on this topic.
>> Unfortunately, there is significant disagreement in this topic between
>> us. I see a schema based persistent metadata a catalog based security as
>> fundamental feature. Editing config file is not acceptable in any view.
> I generally agree with that. That said, it probably wouldn't be hard to
> "register" GUCs during backend startup, based on what's in the catalog for
> the database you're connecting to. There's certainly already a place in the
> code to do this, since you can set per-database values for GUCs. That said,
> IIRC GUCs are setup in such a way that could could just create a new stack
> upon connection. Actually, I think that'd need to happen anyway, otherwise
> these variables are going to look like GUCs even though they're not.

Registration on every setup can be little bit expensive - more practical is
variables initialized on demand - when they are used.



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