I do not like Pavel's feature, this is a subjective opinion. This feature
does not provide a correct solution for the use case, this is an objective
fact. The presented feature does not have a real use case, this is too bad.

Oh, also, you might want to tell Oracle and the many people who use package variables that.

As it can be used safely with nested transaction, I have no doubt that they do that, and that auditors check that carefully when auditing code:-)

[...] Your unwillingness to listen to anyone else isn't doing your argument any favours though.

Hmmm. I'm far from perfect and I have a limited supply of patience when logic does not always apply in a long discussion.

However I think that my review of Pavel proposal is fair, with a clear separation of objective (proven) facts and subjective but argumented opinions. I do not think that I can contribute anything more by continuing argumenting, so I wish I would not have been dragged back into this thread:-(

Despite a lot of effort, Pavel proposal is still about a untransactional (by default) session variables. Too bad. Time out for me. I'm deeply against that, I have said it: I think it would harm PostgreSQL to provide such a misleading security feature. Then I'm done. If a committer wants to add untransactional session variables with permissions, it is their priviledge, and my blessing is not needed anyway.


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