Hi Keith,

On 2017/01/06 2:16, Keith Fiske wrote:
> Could we get some clarification on the partition_bound_spec portion of the
> PARTITION OF clause? Just doing some testing it seems it's inclusive of the
> FROM value but exclusive of the TO value. I don't see mention of this in
> the docs as of commit 18fc5192a631441a73e6a3b911ecb14765140389 yesterday.
> It does mention that the values aren't allowed to overlap, but looking at
> the schema below, without the clarification of which side is
> inclusive/exclusive it seems confusing because 2016-08-01 is in both. Even
> the child table does not clarify this. Not sure if there's a way to do this
> in the \d+ display which would be ideal, but it should at least be
> mentioned in the docs.

I agree that needs highlighting.  I'm planning to write a doc patch for
that (among other documentation improvements).


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