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>>> For my part I still prefer an actual command to be executed so it will
>> start/restart the archiver if it is not already running or died.  This
>> reduces the number of processes that I need to ensure are running.
>>> If the consensus is that a signal is better then I'll make that work.
>> I will say this raises the bar on what is required to write a good
>> archive command and we already know it is quite a difficult task.
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>>> I like the idea of a command as well, for flexibility. If you want a
>> signal, you can write a trivial command that sends the signal... Maximum
>> flexibility, as long as we don't create a lot of caveats for users.
>> Agreed, I think it is also easier to understand the mechanism (instead
>> of a signal), and would allow for some reuse of already existing scripts.
>> If we do use a full command (vs a signal), I propose we do also offer
>> the %p and %f placeholders for the command.
> Agreed.  It shouldn't be that hard and could be very useful.  If nothing
> else it will eliminate the need to configure path to the pg_receivexlog
> queue in the archiver.

Is there actual value in providing both %p and %f? It's not like it's
really hard to do, but since the path will be specified on the same
commandline, you could just put it in the command?

pg_receivexlog -D /blah/foo --whatever /some/where/myscript %p
if you want the path in it could just be written
pg_receivexlog -D /blah/foo --whatever /some/where/myscript /blah/foo/%f

And you have that path in the *same place* already? (unless you want to
teach the script about it, in which case you want just %f anyway)

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