On 08/01/17 22:09, Joel Jacobson wrote:
Hi all,

Is anyone working on porting PostgreSQL to Rust?

Corrode looks a bit limited for the task, but maybe it can be a start.
It doesn't support goto or switch, but maybe the gotos patterns are not too complicated.

My motivation is primarily I don't want to learn all the over-complicated details of C, but at the same time I would like to be productive in a safe system language,
a category in which Rust seems to be alone.

Porting PostgreSQL to Rust would be a multi-year project,
and it could only be done if the process could be fully automated,
by supporting all the coding patterns used by the project,
otherwise a Rust-port would quickly fall behind the master branch.
But if all git commits could be automatically converted to Rust,
then the RustgreSQL project could pull all commits from upstream
until all development has switched over to Rust among all developers.

Is this completely unrealistic or is it carved in stone PostgreSQL will always be a C project forever and ever?

From my very limited understanding, PostgreSQL is more likely to be converted to C++!


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