On 8 Jan. 2017 18:14, "Fabien COELHO" <coe...@cri.ensmp.fr> wrote:

Is this completely unrealistic or is it carved in stone PostgreSQL will
>> always be a C project forever and ever?
> From my very limited understanding, PostgreSQL is more likely to be
> converted to C++!

ISTM that currently pg is written C89. Personnaly I think that C99
(standard from 18 years ago...) would be a progress, but this has been
rejected in the past because of portability issues on some platforms (eg MS
Visual C++ started to support part of C99 in ... 2013).

MSVC was really the main issue. MS really insisted that C++ was the future
and C99 was a pointless diversion.

I kinda agree with them TBH, albeit with a preference for a small-ish and
carefully used subset of C++. But they've recognised that it matters to
enough people to add support now anyways. I suspect their increased
interest in open source and Linux is related.

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