On 1/7/17 11:14 PM, Ryan Murphy wrote:
So I realized that I've never actually done `make world` before, and
when I try that I get a funny error:

make -C doc all
make -C src all
make -C sgml all
ERROR: `osx' is missing on your system.
Do you have any idea what that means?  I googled it but couldn't find
anything.  I can dig around more or ask the mailing list if you have no

It's good to reply on the list (which I've cc'd) as there's lots of folks that can help you that way.

To answer your question, the error has something to do with building docs. You don't really need to do that, and it can be rather painful to get setup to build them. I wouldn't bother for now.

But anyway, last time I think I was running `make installworld-check`
without first running `make world`, which I think is wrong right? - need
`make world` first?

No, you don't. Some of our make targets can be a bit confusing in this regard...

installworld-check will install all code (and docs, if they've been built) and then run full tests against them. There's no tests for the docs, so it doesn't matter if they get installed. The only "test" for docs is whether they build, but IMHO it's not worth it to ask a new reviewer to try and test that unless the patch has a *lot* of changes to the docs.

In any case, docs won't explain why you were seeing a test failure and I wasn't.

Hmm... I just thought of something though... do you have PGUSER set? That might break installworld-check.
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