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> On 1/5/17 2:50 PM, Tomas Vondra wrote:
>> Ultimately, the question is whether the number of people running into
>> "Hey, I can't take pg_basebackup or setup a standby with the default
>> config!" is higher or lower than number of people running into "Hey,
>> CREATE TABLE + COPY is slower now!"
> I'm betting it's way higher. Loads of folks use Postgres and never do any
> kind of ETL.

I'm willing to say "the majority".

> That is not to say there are no other cases benefiting from those
>> optimizations, but we're talking about the default value - we're not
>> removing the wal_level=minimal.
> This would be a non-issue if we provided example configs for a few
> different workloads. Obviously those would never be optimal either, but
> they *would* show users what settings they should immediately look at
> changing in their environment.

It might also be worthwhile to provide a section in the docs just saying
"these are the parameters you probably want to look at for workload <x>"
rather than an actual example configuration. Including a short sentence or
two about why.

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