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The functionality worked as expected - one row, one column results of queries 
can be sent to a file or shell.  It would be nice if a test case was included 
that proves results more than one row, one column wide will fail.

The documentation included is awkward to read.  How about:

"Sends the current query input buffer to the server and stores
the result to an output file specified in the query or pipes the output 
to a shell command.  The file or command are written to only if the query 
successfully returns exactly one, non-null row and column.  If the 
query fails or does not return data, an error is raised. "

Parameterized Queries:

The functionality proposed works as expected.  Throughout the documentation, 
code and test cases the word "Parameterized" is spelled incorrectly: 


The functionality proposed worked fine, I was able to set variables in sql from 
files.  Minor typo in the documentation:
"The content is escapeaed as bytea value."

Hope this helps!

Jason O'Donnell
Crunchy Data

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