Peter Eisentraut <> writes:
> There are approximately 11 copies of atooid() and 3 of oid_cmp() or
> equivalent, and pending patches are proposing to add more.  I propose
> these two patches to collect them in central places.

+1 for the concept, but I'm a bit worried about putting atooid() in
postgres_ext.h.  That's going to impose on the namespace of libpq-using
applications, for instance.  A more conservative answer would be to
add it to c.h.  OTOH, postgres_ext.h is where the Oid typedef lives,
so I do see the consistency of adding this there.  Hard choice.

The oid_cmp() move looks fine if we only need it on the server side.
But doesn't pg_dump have one too?

                        regards, tom lane

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