just my 2c on the topic.I work for an IT service provider as developer. Our 
customers are big international companies and they use Oracle a lot. My main 
work is with Oracle enterprise edition. I don't have to care about limitations 
of the smaller versions and don't have experience with users, that is 
enterprises, of that software.

- I wouldn't subscribe to Pavels opinion on the fees. Most Oracle Devs in mid- 
oder large size enterprises don't care about the costs of the database.  They 
even don't know because the purchase department will do the job and they don't 
bandy out how much discount they got from the ridiculous price list. 

- Devs just don't want to change (some) code. Everybody seems to have code with 
huge technical debt which is best not to be touched. This code should have an 
easy "move code from Oracle to PostgreSQL", best case by not forcing the devs 
to look at this scary code.
- The more difficult a database change including rewriting of code will get the 
less likely you'll find something paying for it. In my case there is a list of 
reasons from the customer _not_ to switch from Oracle to PostgreSQL. Besides 
more obvious reasons like APEX applications on the list there are things like 
"complicated PL/SQL code e.g. ... packages..." (whatever complicated is). Lots 
of the other reasons on that list begin to blur because of the changes of the 
recent versions or the near future like parallelisation or working on 
Of course there are some questions about style, maintainability... But this 
would be another post.




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