Hello Rafia,

  sh> git apply ~/pgbench-continuation-3.patch
  # ok

It still gives me whitespace errors with git apply,


/Users/edb/Downloads/pgbench-continuation-3.patch:31: trailing whitespace.
continuation \\{newline}

Looks like an editor issue, I used awk '{ sub("\r$", ""); print }'
patch1 > patch2 to clean it and it was applying then.

Doing that does not change the file for me.

I see no \r in the patch file according to "od", I just see "nl" (0x0a).

sha1sum: 97fe805a89707565210699694467f9256ca02dab pgbench-continuation-3.patch

Could it be related to transformations operated when the file is downloaded and saved, because it is a text file?


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