Could it be related to transformations operated when the file is downloaded
and saved, because it is a text file?

I think this is delaying the patch unnecessarily, I have attached a
version, please see if you can apply it successfully, we can proceed
with that safely then...

This is the same file I sent:

 sh> sha1sum pgbench-continuation-4.patch pgbench-continuation-3.patch
 97fe805a89707565210699694467f9256ca02dab  pgbench-continuation-4.patch
 97fe805a89707565210699694467f9256ca02dab  pgbench-continuation-3.patch

The difference is that your version is mime-typed with a generic


While the one I sent was mime-typed as


as defined by the system in /etc/mime.types on my xenial laptop.

My guess is that with the later your mail client changes the file when saving it, because it sees "text".


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