On 1/12/17 2:22 PM, Stephen Frost wrote:
> The point I was making above is that the only reason to not make such
> changes is if they really are entirely arbitrary, but I don't think
> we'd even be having this discussion if that was the case or that we'd
> be split about the question.  We already moved forward with the real
> change here- pg_xlog -> pg_wal, it really astounds me that we're having
> to argue about what is primairly just clean-up from that change, at
> least in my view.

I don't agree with the reasoning.  The change of the directory name was
because some people erroneously delete the directory.  There is little
to no risk that people accidentally delete built-in functions.  It was
not agreed that because we rename the directory that all other uses of
"xlog" have to be removed as well.  All those subsequent changes need to
stand on their own.

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