Karl O. Pinc wrote:

> @@ -511,10 +519,16 @@ int
>  SysLogger_Start(void)
>  {
>       pid_t           sysloggerPid;
> -     char       *filename;
> +     /*
> +      * Logging collector is not enabled. We don't know where messages are
> +      * logged.  Remove outdated file holding the current log filenames.
> +      */
>       if (!Logging_collector)
> +     {
> +             unlink(LOG_METAINFO_DATAFILE);
>               return 0;
> +     }

I thought this part was odd -- I mean, why is SysLogger_Start() being
called if the collector is not enabled?  Turns out we do it and return
early if not enabled.  But not in all cases -- there is one callsite in
postmaster.c that avoids the call if the collector is disabled.  That
needs to be changed if we want this to work reliably.

I don't think the "abstract names" stuff is an improvement (just look at
the quoting mess in ConfigureNamesString).  I think we should do without
that; at least as part of this patch.  If you think there's code that
can get better because of the idea, let's see it.

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