>> Yes, it's hard, but I think without having a separate RelOptInfo the
>> design won't be complete. Is there a subset of problem that can be
>> solved by using a separate RelOptInfo e.g. pushing aggregates down
>> child relations or anything else.
> I'm still not convinced that all the fields of RelOptInfo (typically relids)
> need to be duplicated. If the current concept should be improved, I'd move all
> the grouping related fields to a separate structure, e.g. GroupPathInfo, and
> let RelOptInfo point to it. Similar to ParamPathInfo, which contains
> parameterization-specific information, GroupPathInfo would conain the
> grouping-specific information: target, row count, width, maybe path lists too.

I didn't think about this option. Still not very clean, but may be acceptable.

Best Wishes,
Ashutosh Bapat
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