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> On 20 January 2017 at 00:22, Antonin Houska <a...@cybertec.at> wrote:
> > Sorry, it was my thinko - I somehow confused David's CROSS JOIN example with
> > this one. If one side of the join clause is unique and the other becomes
> > unique due to aggregation (and if parallel processing is not engaged) then
> > neither combinefn nor multiplyfn should be necessary before the finalfn.
> Yes, if the join can be detected not to duplicate the groups then a
> normal aggregate node can be pushed below the join. No need for
> Partial Aggregate, or Finalize Aggregate nodes.
> I've a pending patch in the commitfest named "Unique Joins", which
> aims teach the planner about the unique properties of joins. So you
> should just have both stages of aggregation occur for now, and that
> can be improved on once the planner is a bit smart and knows about
> unique joins.

Thanks for a hint. I haven't paid attention to the "Unique Joins" patch until
today. Yes, that's definitely useful.

Given the progress of your patch, I don't worry to make the next version of my
patch depend on it. Implementing temporary solution for the aggregation
push-down seems to me like wasted effort.

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