Pavan Deolasee <> writes:
> I see a consistent failure while running "make -C
> src/test/modules/commit_ts/ check" on a server compiled with
> --enable-tap-tests. This is on the master branch (193a7d791)
> ...
> Changing the operator to "ne" works for me (patch attached). But I wonder
> if this is something specific to my system? Am I using a wrong/stale
> version on OSX Sierra? I'm surprised nobody reported this problem earlier.

That's just weird.  I agree this patch is correct (and I see Alvaro
just pushed it), but why isn't the code failing elsewhere?  I see
no such warning on my RHEL6 box (perl 5.10.1) nor on my OSX Sierra
laptop (perl 5.18.2, should be same as yours).  Do you have any
nondefault Perl modules installed?

                        regards, tom lane

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