On 01/23/2017 09:03 AM, Tom Lane wrote:
> Andrew Dunstan <andrew.duns...@2ndquadrant.com> writes:
>> On 01/20/2017 01:22 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
>>> It looks like at least part of the answer is that the buildfarm isn't
>>> running this test.  AFAICS, it runs "make installcheck" not
>>> "make check" in src/test/modules.  I don't know whether any of the
>>> critters would have duplicated the failure, but they weren't trying.
>> Is there a reason why these tests aren't run under installcheck? If
>> there is a justification I can look at it, or we should decide on one
>> canonical mode of running the tests and stick to that.
> Well, for at least some of them, "make check" is necessary because they
> need to change postmaster parameters or load special shared libraries.

OK, so should we just change "make installcheck" to "make check"?



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