With the pdf increasingly in readability-decline (more and more text parts fall off the (right) side of the page and quite a few tables contain unreable bits) I would like to have a single page html. (cf the bash scipting guide at http://tldp.org/guides.html even if that is smaller than our html (2.3 MB vs 12 MB))

Simple concatenation is trivial but to keep the texts in the correct order, and to keep the links working is a bit more complicated.

Ideally I'd like a single file with chapter-headings either at the top or even (gulp) in a left-hand frame.

The goal is to make the text directly searchable, like one can do in the pdf.

It might even be good to include such a single-file html in the Makefile as an option.

I'll give it a try but has anyone done this work already, perhaps?


Erik Rijkers

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