On 2017-01-21 17:12, Tom Lane wrote:
Erik Rijkers <e...@xs4all.nl> writes:
With the pdf increasingly in readability-decline (more and more text
parts fall off the (right) side of the page and quite a few tables
contain unreable bits) I would like to have a single page html.

Given the size of our manual, I find it hard to believe that most
readers would perform acceptably with that ... have you tried just
concatenating all the parts manually and testing performance?

Yes, id did a straightforward concatenation; and it's really not a problem: it comes to a 15 MB file (12 MB when skipping the release pages). Either size (in standard firefox) takes some time (seconds) but scrolling and searching is no problem.

Maybe I wasn't clear: I wouldn't argue to make single-file the default output, of course; just an option to choose if it's at all possible.

And even if such an option isn't deemed feasible I was hoping that someone more xslt-knowledgeable than I am has some hints on how to produce a single html file in the correct order and with link correctly (self-)referencing.

I might figure it out myself - in that case will post here.


Erik Rijkers

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