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> > So in summary "postgresql.conf options are easy to change" while "initdb
> > options are hard to change", I can see this argument used both for
> > enabling or disabling checksums by default. As I said I would be less
> > worried if it was easy to turn off, but we are not there afaik. And even
> > then I'd still want benchmark first.
> Adding support for disabling checksums is almost trivial as it only
> requires flipping a value in the control file. And I have somewhere
> sitting around a similarly simple tool for turning on checksums while
> the database is offline. FWIW, based on customers and fellow
> conference goers I have talked to most would gladly take the
> performance hit, but not the downtime to turn it on on an existing
> database.

This is exactly the scenario I've been exposed to over and over again. If
it can be turned on/off online, then the default matters a lot less. But it
has to be online.

Yes, you can set up a replica (which today requires third party products
like slony, bucardo or pglogical -- at least we'll hopefully have pglogical
fully in 10, but it's still a very expensive way to fix the problem).

If we can make it cheap and easy to turn them off, that makes a change of
the default a lot cheaper. Did you have a tool for that sitting around as

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