On 1/20/17 12:40 AM, Amit Khandekar wrote:
My impression was that postmaster is supposed to just do a minimal
work of starting auto-vacuum launcher if not already. And, the work of
ensuring all the things keep going is the job of auto-vacuum launcher.

There's already a ton of logic in the launcher... ISTM it'd be nice to not start adding additional logic to the postmaster. If we had a generic need for rate limiting launching of things maybe it wouldn't be that bad, but AFAIK we don't.

That limits us to launching the
autovacuum launcher at most six times a minute when autovacuum = off.
You could argue that defeats the point of the SendPostmasterSignal in
SetTransactionIdLimit, but I don't think so.  If vacuuming the oldest
database took less than 10 seconds, then we won't vacuum the
next-oldest database until we hit the next 64kB transaction ID
boundary, but that can only cause a problem if we've got so many
databases that we don't get to them all before we run out of
transaction IDs, which is almost unthinkable.  If you had a ten
million tiny databases that all crossed the threshold at the same
instant, it would take you 640 million transaction IDs to visit them
all.  If you also had autovacuum_freeze_max_age set very close to the
upper limit for that variable, you could conceivably have the system
shut down before all of those databases were reached.  But that's a
pretty artificial scenario.  If someone has that scenario, perhaps
they should consider more sensible configuration choices.
Yeah this logic makes sense ...

I'm not sure that's true in the case of a significant number of databases and a very high XID rate, but I might be missing something. In any case I agree it's not worth worrying about. If you've disabled autovac you're already running with scissors.

But I guess , from looking at the code, it seems that it was carefully
made sure that in case of auto-vacuum off, we should clean up all
databases as fast as possible with multiple workers cleaning up
multiple tables in parallel.

Instead of autovacuum launcher and worker together making sure that
the cycle of iterations keep on running, I was thinking the
auto-vacuum launcher itself should make sure it does not spawn another
worker on the same database if it did nothing. But that seemed pretty

IMHO we really need some more sophistication in scheduling for both launcher and worker. Somewhere on my TODO is allowing the worker to call a user defined SELECT to get a prioritized list, but since the launcher doesn't connect to a database that wouldn't work. What we could do rather simply is honor adl_next_worker in the logic that looks for freeze, something like the attached.

On another note, does anyone else find the database selection logic rather difficult to trace through? The logic is kinda spread throughout several functions. The naming of rebuild_database_list() and get_database_list() is rather confusing too.
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diff --git a/src/backend/postmaster/autovacuum.c 
index 264298e8a9..34969b058f 100644
--- a/src/backend/postmaster/autovacuum.c
+++ b/src/backend/postmaster/autovacuum.c
@@ -1066,6 +1066,43 @@ db_comparator(const void *a, const void *b)
+ * Returns true if database has been processed recently (less than
+ * autovacuum_naptime seconds ago).
+ */
+static boolean
+recent_activity(Oid datid)
+       dlist_iter      iter;
+       dlist_reverse_foreach(iter, &DatabaseList)
+       {
+               avl_dbase  *dbp = dlist_container(avl_dbase, adl_node, 
+               if (dbp->adl_datid == datid)
+               {
+                       /*
+                        * Skip this database if its next_worker value falls 
+                        * the current time and the current time plus naptime.
+                        */
+                       if (!TimestampDifferenceExceeds(dbp->adl_next_worker,
        current_time, 0) &&
+                               !TimestampDifferenceExceeds(current_time,
        autovacuum_naptime * 1000))
+                               return true;
+                       return false;
+               }
+       }
+       /*
+        * Didn't find the database on the internal list, so it must be new. 
+        * it for now.
+        */
+       return true;
  * do_start_worker
  * Bare-bones procedure for starting an autovacuum worker from the launcher.
@@ -1162,24 +1199,33 @@ do_start_worker(void)
        foreach(cell, dblist)
                avw_dbase  *tmp = lfirst(cell);
-               dlist_iter      iter;
                /* Check to see if this one is at risk of wraparound */
                if (TransactionIdPrecedes(tmp->adw_frozenxid, xidForceLimit))
-                       if (avdb == NULL ||
+                       /*
+                        * We won't re-launch if this database was recently hit 
by a
+                        * worker. Otherwise, we want to find the database with 
the oldest
+                        * frozen XID. Previously, we only looked for the 
oldest frozen
+                        * XID, but by skipping recently hit databases we'll 
make sure we
+                        * hit everything that's in risk of wraparound.
+                        */
+                       if (!recent_activity(tmp->adw_datid) &&
+                               (avdb == NULL ||
                                avdb = tmp;
                        for_xid_wrap = true;
                else if (for_xid_wrap)
                        continue;                       /* ignore not-at-risk 
DBs */
+               /* Same as above, but for multixacts. */
                else if (MultiXactIdPrecedes(tmp->adw_minmulti, 
-                       if (avdb == NULL ||
-                               MultiXactIdPrecedes(tmp->adw_minmulti, 
+                       if (!recent_activity(tmp->adw_datid) &&
+                               (avdb == NULL ||
+                               MultiXactIdPrecedes(tmp->adw_minmulti, 
                                avdb = tmp;
                        for_multi_wrap = true;
@@ -1204,28 +1250,7 @@ do_start_worker(void)
                 * selected, but that pgstat hasn't gotten around to updating 
the last
                 * autovacuum time yet.
-               skipit = false;
-               dlist_reverse_foreach(iter, &DatabaseList)
-               {
-                       avl_dbase  *dbp = dlist_container(avl_dbase, adl_node, 
-                       if (dbp->adl_datid == tmp->adw_datid)
-                       {
-                               /*
-                                * Skip this database if its next_worker value 
falls between
-                                * the current time and the current time plus 
-                                */
-                               if 
                current_time, 0) &&
                autovacuum_naptime * 1000))
-                                       skipit = true;
-                               break;
-                       }
-               }
+               skipit = recent_activity(tmp->adw_datid)
                if (skipit)
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