Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > One idea is for SET to return a command tag that has more information,
> > like we do for INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE.  It could return the variable
> > modified and the new value.
> But that doesn't solve the problem --- what about begin, set, rollback?
> What about absorbing a new value for a variable while re-reading
> postgresql.conf due to SIGHUP?
> Unless you want to effectively disable all of the nice GUC behavior
> we've developed, I think you have to have a reporting mechanism that's
> separate from command completion.

Yes, rereading the config file would kill my idea --- but what API are
we going to pass SET to applications?  I can't think of a clean method,

> > Also, are we removing the behavior that SET _doesn't_ start a
> > transaction in autocommit off mode?
> If we remove autocommit-off mode, it stops being an issue ;-)

Sure, but how are we going to treat SET in the client?

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