Synthetic PG workload or real world production workload?

Both might work, production-like has bigger pull, but I'd guess
synthetic is good enough.

Thanks! The box should get PostgreSQL in the not too distant future. It'll get a backup from prod, but will act as new prod, so it might take some time until a job can be run and a profile collected.

So how would I do a perf profile that would be acceptable as prove?

You'd have to look at cpu time, not number of syscalls.  IIRC I
suggested doing a cycles profile with -g and then using "perf report
--children" to see how many cycles are spent somewhere below lseek.

Understood. Either profile manually or expand the function.

I'd also suggest sharing a profile cycles profile, it's quite likely
that the overhead is completely elsewhere.

Yeah, could be. It'll be interesting to see for sure. I should get a chance to collect such profile and then I'll post it back here -


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