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> Just a thought with an additional use case:  If I want to set up a
> standby for offloading queries, could I take the dump file from the
> primary or another existing standby, copy it to the new standby, and
> have it be warmed up to the state of the other instance from that?
> In my experience, that kind of use is just as interesting as preserving
> the buffers across a restart.

Initially, I did not think about this thanks for asking. For now, we
dump the buffer pool info in the format
<DatabaseId,TableSpaceId,RelationId,Forknum,BlockNum>; If BlockNum in
new standby correspond to the same set of rows as it was with the
server where the dump was produced, I think we can directly use the
dump file in new standby. All we need to do is just drop the ".save"
file in data-directory and preload the library. Buffer pool will be
warmed with blocks mentioned in ".save".

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