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> I took a look at this again, and it doesn't appear to be working for me. The 
> library is being loaded during startup, but I don't see any further activity 
> in the log, and I don't see an autoprewarm file in $PGDATA.
> There needs to be some kind of documentation change as part of this patch.
> I'm not sure the default GUC setting of 0 makes sense. If you've loaded the 
> module, presumably you want it to be running. I think it'd be nice if the GUC 
> had a -1 setting that meant to use checkpoint_timeout.
> Having the GUC be restart-only is also pretty onerous. I don't think it'd be 
> hard to make the worker respond to a reload... there's code in the autovacuum 
> launcher you could use as an example.

+1.  I don't think there should be any problem in making it PGC_SIGHUP.

> I'm also wondering if this really needs to be a permanently running 
> process... perhaps the worker could simply be started as necessary?

Do you want to invoke worker after every buff_dump_interval?  I think
that will be bad in terms of starting a new process and who will
monitor when to start such a process.  I think it is better to keep it
as a permanently running background process if loaded by user.

> Though maybe that means it wouldn't run at shutdown.

Yeah, that will be another drawback.

Few comments found while glancing the patch.

+Add functionality to dump based on timer at regular interval.

I think you need to remove above TO DO.

+ /* Load the page only if there exist a free buffer. We do not want to
+ * replace an existing buffer. */

This is not a PG style multiline comment.

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