Pavan Deolasee wrote:

> Two new APIs added.
> - CatalogInsertHeapAndIndex which does a simple_heap_insert followed by
> catalog updates
> - CatalogUpdateHeapAndIndex which does a simple_heap_update followed by
> catalog updates
> There are only a handful callers remain for simple_heap_insert/update after
> this patch. They are typically working with already opened indexes and
> hence I left them unchanged.

Hmm, I was thinking we would get rid of CatalogUpdateIndexes altogether.
Two of the callers are in the new routines (which I propose to rename to
CatalogTupleInsert and CatalogTupleUpdate); the only remaining one is in
InsertPgAttributeTuple.  I propose that we inline the three lines into
all those places and just remove CatalogUpdateIndexes.  Half the out-of-
core places that are using this function will be broken as soon as WARM
lands anyway.  I see no reason to keep it.  (I have already modified the
patch this way -- no need to resend).

Unless there are objections I will push this later this afternoon.

Álvaro Herrera      
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